Our know-how for the perfect cup

Rectangular cups, round cups or special shapes –
we provide any geometry with manifold decorating processes.

Injection molding

Pioneers since 1990

Since 1990 we are manufacturing cups and lids through an IML injection molding process that are furnished with plastic or paper labels. Our modern machinery comprises nearly 50 injection molding machines, of which more than 30 use IML.

Is anyone faster than us? Our high-speed injection molding machines guarantee high-performance injection molding with the shortest cycle times. In addition, our multi-cavity systems (up to 8+8 cavities) are among the most efficient worldwide.

Naturally, our machines are equipped with optical monitoring systems and packing machines.

Thin walls? Our specialty! We produce cups with wall thicknesses between 0,3 mm and 0,6 mm with materials from PP, PE to PS plastics.

Deep drawing

In all shapes and colors

Be it cups of PP or PS plastics, multilayer films with EVOH or light protection, whether it is on our “Big Five” or on our other inline and offline thermoforming machines – we deep-draw any cup, no matter what shape or color.

With more than 20 thermoforming plants we are one of the leading producers of deep-drawn cups.

Our lid production also offers the option of deep-drawing lids with pre-printed foil.

Injection blow molding

Fast and flexible

We produce blow-molded bottles on conventional injection molding machines – fast, flexible and efficient!


Eye-catcher at the point-of-sale

Either through in-mould labelling with plastic or paper labels or through indirect UV high pressure/direct print on up to 600 cups per minute!

33 IML injection molding machines and 25 direct printers with up to 8 colors make us one the most flexible packaging manufacturers.

Besides, we also offer the possibility to sleeve (dry steam technology) or label your cup (all around, bottom, front and backside).

Innovation meets technology

Technikum uniplast – our technical center

Our modern innovation center “Technikum Uniplast” has given rise to many ideas for innovative cups, which have entered sample production and ultimately reached series production.

We develop your new, confidential injection molding and deep drawing projects in a hall separated from the rest of the production – right until series maturity.
We discuss all technical details with you in the joint conference center. This way you can experience the pilot series of your new cup live and on the spot.

“Technikum uniplast” – you could not be any closer.