We master every cup.

Cumstom-developed or from our vast standard range.
Including adequate lids.

Custom-built shapes

We provide virtually any requested shape. Round, oval, square, octagonal – as THE specialist for thin-walled packaging we are pleased to make even the impossible possible for you! As your development partner we support you in close consultation. From the idea all the way to the completed cup.

Whatever you need, we always have the perfect solution. See for yourself.

Our standard range

Our standard range comprises more than 300 shapes. These are manufactured using an injection molding or deep drawing process and decorated according to your preferences with IML, direct printing, sleeves or labels. Our standard cups are made of PP plastics with filling volumes from 100 to 1000 ml. Diameters are 68 mm, 73 mm, 75 mm, 86 mm, 95 mm, 101 mm, 127 mm, 142 mm and 185 mm. We also provide perfect solutions for standard slip lids.


Thanks to our expertise in injection molding, deep drawing, injection blow molding and decorating, we are the market leader in the field of dairy packaging. One of our specialties are cups and lids for desserts (yogurt, quark, pudding). This is a small selection of products we are manufacturing for notable dairy companies.

Cream cheese

For many years, uniplast has been known for excellent packaging solutions for cream cheese. With a uniplast cup/lid your product is not only well packaged but also an eye-catcher at the point-of-sale!

This is a selection of cream cheese packaging we are producing for our clients.

Sweet spreads

Cups and lids for jam or chocolate spreads – uniplast provides the right packaging for successful market presence. See examples of implemented customer projects here.


Butter dishes in various shapes and filling volumes. With uniplast butter dishes everything runs like butter – literally.

Convenience Food

Whether it is soups, instant meals or meals to boil up with water – we have the suitable packaging. High quality, stable, microwaveable, freezable and dishwasher-safe. See for yourself!

Coffee cream and mixed drinks

Drinks do not always have to be filled into bottles. uniplast offers perfect solutions with injection-molded or thermoformed cups, especially for coffee and mixed drinks. Sealable and with suitable slip lids. A selection of our numerous customer projects can be viewed here.

Cup innovations

Sustainable and resource-friendly.
Shape the future with us.



SKET is uniplast’s patented manufacturing process which stands for sustainability and conservation of resources!

SKET offers the possibility to produce cups with a significantly reduced plastic content combined with a cardboard/paper coating – and all this through injection molding!

The advantages of this single-level process are obvious:

  • Reduction of the cup’s plastic content and therefore conservation of fossil resources
  • Defined surface quality and regular, uniform wall thickness
  • Geometrical accuracy
  • Enhanced stability
  • Thick sealing edge
  • Removable sleeve

Our sales team is happy to help you with further information.



A sustainable final product is the result of both sustainable agriculture and sustainable subsequent processing in the dairy on the one hand. On the other hand, the right packaging also contributes significantly to sustainability. That is why we have developed GREEN Cup!

  • GREEN Cup requires about 50 % less fossil resources than a customary PP cup.
  • The amount of energy needed to produce the granules is considerably lower than that of conventional granules. Energy can also be saved during deep drawing.

All for the sake of the environment.

Furthermore, GREEN Cup offers:

  • A higher oxygen barrier than PS and PP
  • A higher light protection without additional masterbatches or light protection batches
  • A higher steam barrier

Do you need more information? Our sales team is always at your disposal!