uniplast: We live for cups

We owe this motto to people who are breathing life into it.
Become part of the uniplast team yourself.

Job vacancies

We want you!

Professional training

We provide vocational training!

All in One! BORS, BOGY, volunteer internships, professional training and dual study programs.

We offer you the opportunity to gain practical experience. First during school time to get a glimpse and then after graduation through professional training or a dual study program.

Many envy us for our training culture: We work as a team and in practice from the beginning. We are here for each other, appreciate one another and feel we are in good hands.

We did not want to go through many years of theoretical studies or dreary training after finishing school. Instead, we wanted to get involved right away. Therefore, uniplast is just the right employer for us.

So if you are ready to take responsibility, to be proactive in developing new ideas – in short: if you are curious for something new, we would like to give you the opportunity. Work for us as a:

–> Industrial Mechanic

–> Industrial Clerk

–> BA Student

Personnel development

And then?

After successful training you are just getting started with us! We offer lots of individual opportunities to take your professional career to a new level. Examples? More than half of our administrative staff are long-standing, “home-grown” employees, one of which has even made it to become an authorized representative and head of finance. In the technical sector this ratio is similarly high.

Therefore, we support our staff’s in-service professional development financially. We offer training opportunities such as:

  • Business Administrator (m/f)
  • Business Economist (m/f)
  • Technical Business Economist (m/f)
  • Accountant (m/f)
  • Expert merchant e.g. human resources, purchasing
  • “Techniker” (m/f)
  • “Meister” (m/f)

That is why you should join knauer!

Your contact persons in our HR department

Wolfgang Baur

–> Head of HR Department
–> +49 (0) 71 23 – 7 25 – 178
–> w.baur@knauergroup.de

Karin Käufler

–> HR Department
–> +49 (0) 71 23 – 7 25 – 180
–> k.kaeufler@knauergroup.de